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Bryan Hinmon

Bryan Hinmon, CFAChief Investment Officer

  • Joined the firm in 2014
  • Industry experience: 22 years
  • Education: B.B.A., Finance from Stetson University

As CIO of Motley Fool Asset Management, Bryan is responsible for leading the investment team, maintaining the firm’s investment philosophy, overseeing all strategies, and managing more than $1.7 billion in assets. He joined the firm in 2014 as Director of Research and has served as Portfolio Manager on all six funds: Motley Fool 100 Index, Motley Fool Next Index, Capital Efficiency 100 Index, Small Cap Growth, Global Opportunities, and Mid Cap Growth.

Previously, Bryan worked for MFAM’s parent company, The Motley Fool, LLC, for more than four years. He helped manage internal capital for Motley Fool Pro, a service whose strategy embraces long/short equities and options, he served as a senior analyst on Motley Fool Options, and he led the company’s prestigious Analyst Development Program. Before life at The Motley Fool, Bryan was a portfolio manager at Bulwark Capital Management, a hedge fund with an approach that balanced fundamental long-term equity investing, option income, and special situations. Earlier in his career he worked as a research analyst for an asset manager in Naples that provided portfolio management and operated a covered-call hedge fund.

Tony Arsta

Tony Arsta, CFAPortfolio Manager and Senior Analyst

  • Joined the firm in 2009
  • Industry experience: 15 years
  • Education: M.B.A. with Distinction from DePaul University; B.S., Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison

With a focus on statistical analysis and investor psychology, Tony studies companies day-in and day-out in a tireless pursuit of the select few he believes can demonstrate quality growth above their competitors – and, at a reasonable price. He’s been putting these principles into practice throughout his entire career with The Motley Fool, which took off in 2008. After working as an analyst for The Motley Fool LLC, Tony moved into his role as Portfolio Manager and Senior Analyst at Motley Fool Asset Management, where he has been managing funds for the past 15 years.

Today he serves as Lead Portfolio Manager for Motley Fool Global Opportunities (TMFG), and also helps manage Motley Fool 100 Index (TMFC), Motley Fool Capital Efficiency 100 Index (TMFE), and Motley Fool Next Index (TMFX).

Charly Travers

Charly Travers, CFAPortfolio Manager

  • Joined the firm in 2019
  • Industry experience: 18 years
  • Education: B.A., Business Administration from University of Richmond

Michael’s focus areas range across dividend-oriented stocks, UK-focused investments, value picks, small cap companies, and international equities. But for the diversity of his experience, his investment approach is singularly focused – buying high-quality enterprises at reasonable prices. He first joined The Motley Fool LLC in 2005 where he was Lead Analyst of the company’s dividend-oriented newsletter, and co-advisor for PRO UK, a UK-focused investment service. Since 2019, he has served as a Portfolio Manager for the Global Opportunities ETF with Motley Fool Asset Management. In addition to his specialty in global and international companies, Michael also focuses on technology, media, and business services.

Earlier in his career, Michael worked at the Corporate Executive Board (now Gartner), a DC-based consulting firm. He is a CFA charterholder and a graduate of the University of Richmond, where he earned a degree in business administration with a finance concentration.


T.J. PiggottInvestment Analyst

  • Joined the firm in 2023
  • Industry experience: 15 years
  • Education: B.B.A., Business Administration from Roanoke College

T.J. has spent his entire career in financial services, and in various roles at some of the largest firms on Wall Street. He began his Foolish journey in 2014 as the Director of Trading for Motley Fool Wealth Management, and later entered The Motley Fool, LLC’s Investor Development Program. After completing this program, T.J. partnered with a Lead Advisor to launch Motley Fool Cloud Disruptors, Motley Fool SaaS Superstars, and Motley Fool Cloud Contenders, where he spent most of his time covering tech and tech-enabled companies. He was also promoted to
Senior Analyst during this time with The Motley Fool, LLC. Recently, T.J. joined Motley Fool Asset Management to support our Portfolio Managers with company research.

As a longtime Fool, T.J. invests with Foolishness, which means: marrying qualitative and quantitative data, seeking companies that meet our definition of Quality, and using a long-term investment mindset.


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