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ETFs that invest beyond the status quo.

Get invested in what we think are the most innovative, exceptionally-managed, and growth-oriented companies on the market today.

At Motley Fool Asset Management, we invest with an ownership mentality.

We don’t trade stocks, we buy businesses. That’s because we believe that companies that deliver for their customers can often do the same for their shareholders.

Our collection of high-conviction stock picks offer a powerful growth-oriented alternative to funds that simply track the broad market.

And, they are packaged into low-cost ETFs to provide you the general tax efficiency and convenience of being able to own these high-quality businesses in your portfolio.

Whether you are looking to fill a current gap in exposure to an asset class or investment strategy... Or if you’re interested in blending several of our ETFs to create a holistic portfolio approach...

Our line-up of ETFs are easy to buy individually, or in combinations to work as a suite of solutions.

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Active ETFs

For investors seeking a low-cost, convenient way to get exposure to high-conviction stocks, our Portfolio Managers hand-select companies they think could give your investments a meaningful edge above the market – and deliver greater potential returns.

Passive ETFs

The Motley Fool, LLC analysts manage proprietary indices based on their research and recommendations of companies they believe to be the most exciting in the marketplace today. Our passive ETFs track those proprietary indices to give you broad, strategic exposure to their top recommended stocks in one convenient ETF.

Bring Foolish decisions to your investment strategy.

Your portfolio is only as good as the companies you hold, and that’s why our highly selective stock-picking process is driven by a rigorous set of standards. Discover how we put these strategies to work for you in our passive and active ETFs.

Active Strategy Passive Strategy
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